Title? Um, What should I call it?
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2002-10-07 18:53:32 (UTC)


I speak, but do I speak?
I pray, but do I pray?
I hear, but do I hear?
I sing, but do I sing?
I worship, but do I worship?

Do the words of my mouth
Match the emotions of my heart?
Or are they but vain speech
Yielding nothing but weeds?

Words are easy;
Actions are hard.
Thoughts are many;
Actions are few.

Can my words bring repentance?
Can my actions bring about salvation?
Can my thoughts bring back slackers?
Can my emotions bring about revival?
Can my strength carry all burdens?

Do the power I possess
Match the will of my purpose?
Or are they like an out-of-tune band
Playing in disharmony?

Brute force is easy;
Vulnerability is hard.
Independence is easy;
Vulnerability is hard.

Yet, not in my power, O Lord
But in Yours, am I completed.
And, not in my righteousness, O Lord
But in Yours, am I redeemed.
And, not in my will, O Lord
But in Yours, am I justified.
And, not in my strength, O Lord
But in Yours, am I emboldened.

For Your Love is mighty;
it is mighty to heal.

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