Title? Um, What should I call it?
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2002-10-07 18:51:56 (UTC)


See the pretty poet,
Dressed in silver and gold
Rhyming in stressed meter
And singing the laments of old.

See the nasty critic,
Dressed in black and grey
Crucifying the messenger
And what they have to say.

See the pretty poet,
Dressed in grey and black
Mimicking the nasty critic
And inserting what they “lack”.

See the nasty critic,
Dressed in silver and gold
Slamming the pretty poet,
And liking what was old.

See the pretty bard,
With their hopes dashed hard,
They set pen to paper,
And finds favor with the caper.
(Maybe all they needed to be apposite
Was to tweak a sentence a little bit.)

And, see the nasty evaluator,
Fawning like a high-priced whore.
The poet laughs, the poet jeers---
Whaoila! It’s instant vomit for their peers.
“Love the mimicry”, I say in pretend—
Fifteen minutes, and then, the writer’s end.

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