My So called crapy life
2001-08-01 01:03:45 (UTC)

July 31st 2001

well today for me sucked! first I woke up grumpy (first bad
move waken up!). I did not have XC Practices this morn
because I was going for my drivers licences test. well I
drove to the place then and had to wate in this damn long!
line and my god by the time I got there I got all the
papers and I had to drive around back to take the test. and
I wint to park and I did it WRONG! and I was to far from
the damn curb! the car I was usen was huge! I did not know
if I was close or not and well I wasn't close and I failed
the damn test and after that my day was crapy! and then
when I get online all these people are spazen out on me and
then I tell them what happin they are like o sorry. and
then I fine out later in the day that my art teacher Mrs.
Zimmerman died on july 29th! I only had her for half a
year. she had to leave cuz she was haven some thing wrong
with her brain and well it got worse and we got a new
teacher (and she is bitch!) and now we are stuck with her
but I'm not taken that class in the upcoming year. I'm only
taken 2 art classes and not 3. I want to be a cartoonest. I
have alot to say today. sorry for ever is reading this and
al lthe miss spellings I know no one is really going to
read this but I gotta get it all out. and also my
girlfriend is going to be gone till august 9th I miss her
so much I can't wate till she comes back home for I can
love and take care of her and kiss her. I love her sweet
kiss I think that's about the only thing good about my life
is my girlfriend that loves me so much. on august 10th we
will be going out for 5 months! and for me that is long but
it shows how much I love my missy. and I got to pick up my
pics for my trip that I wint to ocean city. it was so fun
and I got to met all of these grls on the team. and so many
more people like me now I fell good about that now. and as
of right now only 3 people hate me and not 4 that's so much
more better. so I guess my life is going pretty good well I
will talk/ type to you maro thanks for reading/ lissing