listen to my silences
2002-10-07 17:24:17 (UTC)

the past couple of days and those to come

friday i called brodie after school and we went to the
library and then to the towing place to get my cd out of my
car. and i found a couple of other things that were still
in there. including a smashed pop-tart. don't ask.

saturday morning we got two new kittens. they used to live
under our front porch with their mama but she was killed on
thursday. so susan went out there and they came to her and
we brought them inside and cleaned them up and we're taking
care of them now. and dad seems to really be all about
them so we'll probably keep them. i know, dad all about
something, weird. then brodie, neil, and mary met up at my
house to go to my friend tiffany's. they got there and
mary said you two are riding with me right? neil said
megan you want to ride with me don't you. i gave my evil
grin look to brodie and mary and ran over to neil's car.
we took off and left them in our dust. i was the only one
who knew how to get there. they called us when we were
almost to jeff and were yelling. it was funny cause i kept
saying what i can't understand you when i could. she asked
where we were and i said oh we're not on the highway. she
and brodie yelled what?!!? i said okay i guess we are.
hey don't take the louisville indy exit. she said okay.
then i said go to jeff. she said what? i said go to
jeff. she said i took the louisville exit. oops. it was
funny. i said well when you get to allison lane in jeff
call me. neil and i got there but we parked in front of
the wrong apartment. they called and neil told them how to
get there and then said we're parked right in front of it
apartment seven. he told them the right number and then
said again we're right in front of it. so they drove over
and ignored the fact that it was a different number and
walked up to that number seven. it was really funny. they
finally found the right one and then neil got blamed cause
he's a guy. lol. so we were there and we met her friend
gabe and her fiancee. they're cool. me and her and mary
went to meijer's and painted our nails. lol. on the
sidewalk and mary sang kumbayah. lol. after that we all
except neil went to culbertson mansion for the haunted
house. it was really cool except for the strobe lights i
thought i was going to have a seizure. but i didn't so
that was fun. brodie's going to work it this friday.

sunday, i went to church first service but then susan
brought me home cause i didn't feel good. i am out of pain
medicine. so i took other medicine and felt better. i
played with the kittens and cleaned my room. then i for
some reason painted my nails. and went to sojourn. lotsa
fun. didn't do much really all day so it was great. and i
had all my homework done on friday so i didn't have to do
anything. then at two o clock in the morning stephen
called me. that was a fun and interesting conversation.

and now it's monday. not a lot going on till thursday.
going to see stephen then and harvest homecoming starts
then. brodie and i are going to it and mom has to work it
so we'll probably go see her. friday i'll probably go to
the haunted house again cause brodie's working it. then
saturday is neil's birthday and i'm going up with him to
see micro's cross country meet. first one since her
surjery good luck babe. sunday is brodie's birthday and
i'm upset cause i can't do what i want for it since i don't
have a car. but i will take him to those places when i get
one. it'll be a delayed birthday present. i'm going to
just do something little on sunday. he doesn't want me to
do anything, just a hey happy birthday but i can't do just
that after all it is his eighteenth. but don't worry it'll
be just a little thing or things. promise.

so that's that i guess. i have another part to learn for
aliens. gotta do that soon. i have one and a half
learned. this extra one is challenging though. but i'll
get it. oh anyone who's interested in acting and is free
on the nineteenth and twentieth and lives in the new albany
louisville area let me know. we need a guy for sure and we
might need a girl. but anyone who's interested we always
have openings so just send me a reply.

later all. this entry was really long.

final thought: some guy from aol called my cell phone. it
was weird. i'm never answering an unknown call again.