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2002-10-07 14:39:51 (UTC)

My First entry.

I would write general information about myself, but whats
the point, i am writing this for me to do, and dont care to
give background information about myself.

Now i have a cyber pen

Rings of fire
Distort the vision of the present
The hope for the future
And clouds away the past to but a bunch of hazy memory’s
that might have been
The wound is open once more
The soul is disenchanted and lost in the mystery of now
The paths that once existed are now destroyed
Construction of a new road delayed or perhaps they are never
No where to run or seek shelter
No where to go but here.

I am in a depressed mood. So it isnt really a good time to
be writing. Nobody understands anything they should. People
are selfish. Do i really have superior knowlodge in the
interaction of people, or am i insane. No not insane
colourfull personality. That sounds more appropriate,
nothing compares to an entertaining case of denial.
*thought* this is like writing an email to myself, perhaps
bad idea. Blah who cares.

I wish i had a live journal, they are much better. But i
dont have any friends that has one. Or am i willing to pay
for usage of a silly website. This will do.

I shall write about my day now. Today i got up at 10am
after about 4.5 hours sleep. Stupid man wasnt in his office
so i am still unemployed. I had a pita with cheese for
breakfast. Then i talked to thomas and poly. I also spoke
to my mother. Then i spoke to thomas. Then ben came home.
Then dinner, then tv, then internet, then horriable fight,
now here. That was it give or take one or two phone calls.
The life of i which doesnt consist of a great deal. But
perhaps i like it that way, or maybe i dont. I am
indecisive over everything. I cant spell either if anyone
should happen to become a regular reader. Altho i dont
think i would even re-read this garbage.
Rubbish goes into a bin. Dirty bins. I wonder if petey pop
would touch his cyber recylce bin. My dad has a compost it
stinks. Well this journal just hit an all time low at the
mention of compost so i am signing out, to go and read
other peoples journals.