The White Rose
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2001-07-31 23:27:12 (UTC)

Me (II)

Before I start writing any more entries, there are two
other things you really should know about me. I am not
telling you this to enlist your pity, or your sympathies,
but because the two things I am about to mention pretty
much define who I am as a person.

When I was born I was diagnosed with a pretty serious heart
condition. (I didn't know this, but my parents have since
told me I was not expected to survive past a year). I was
sent to a good hospital, and at the age of five was given
open-heart surgery to correct the problem. Two years ago I
underwent more surgery to correct it again (it was
expected - between the age of 5 and the age of 26 I grew
old, and the fix they made grew old with me). Because of
this I was never part of the sporty side of life, and I
grew up in books (and later TV). I love to read. I will
read pretty much anything (Except 'true romance' or
Mills&Boon) and usually have two or three books on the go
at once. Its also where I got my love of writing from -
instead of going out and playing football, or joining a
swimming team, I write. (In all this writing I never
learned to spell, something you will notice as time goes
by). It excersices my mind, and (I hope) brings joy to
other peoples lives.

Ten years ago my sister was murdered. This changed my life
more than anything else ever has. Me and my brother (I have
a brother btw - he is two years younger than me) used to
fight and argue a lot. I used to hate people with a
passion. That all changed. Life is too short to hate
anyone - if someone annoys me I simply don't associate with
them any more. Combined with the whole heart thing I came
to love every day, because it might be the last one you
see. (I am not expecting death at every turn, but on the
other hand I have no dellusions that 'it only happens to
other people'. It happens to everyone). Me and my brother
get on very well, and there are very few people in the
world that I don't like. I also don't get angry any more.
There is no point in it - if I spend an hour brooding over
something that I can't do anything about its an hour I am
never getting back.

As I said, I am not looking for pity or sympathy over these
two things. I brought them up because there is a very good
chance I am going to mention them again, or at least refer
to them, at some point in the future. And since they have
pretty much made me the person I am today, I figured it was
best to get it out in the open.

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