The White Rose
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2001-07-31 23:16:08 (UTC)

Yet More Writing

I live to write. (Well - I live to make people happy, but
that's beside the point at the moment!). All my life I have
loved writing. I write stories, I write diaries. I have
kept a fairly constant diary since 1988 (the first one was
made up of old excerise books and two bits of string from
party poppers) and this is just an extension. I am still
keeping a hand-written diary, because part of loving to
write is loving to write by hand. Its how I write
almost all of my stories - in a notebook or notepad. This
is partly because it is easier - since I no longer have a
lap-top PC its harder to write on computer all the time -
but mostly because the action of writing actually relaxes
Just to introduce myself, I am SJW. (I do have a proper
name, but part of my diary theory is that it is anonymous,
and therefore 'private'. I know - a private diary on a
public web-site is a bit of an oxymoron, but its the way I
am). I come from England, and I am 28. For a living I write
software for MOD contractors for a small (but growing)
business. Its not really my dream job, but it is not the
worst job I have ever had (and I have had a *lot* of jobs!).

My whole life is lived by three basic rules.
1) Life is short. Enjoy it.
2) There is no great purpose, and no divine being. We are
here to make the world a better place.
3) 'We are star stuff' - everyone is created from the same
stuff, and since everyone is equal no one has the right to
think they are better than anyone else.

So - that's me.

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