Inside Me
2002-10-07 11:30:57 (UTC)


I"m not feeling all that well this morning, but I"m in a
good mood. Wow, I can't believe tomorrow after work I"ll be
hanging out with Ren. Haven't seen her since the banquet
she had for school. I can't remember my dreams again, but I
know they weren't bad ones. However, I"m starting to wake
up and fall back to sleep a lot. Ok, this was weird. I
heard one pillow fall, slighty, and then JC, was on the
way, and I just reached out and caught him before he feel
all the way down, oh JC is my stuffed animal. I thought
that was kinda cute. Hummmm. I'm so glad I got to go to
church last night, since I won't be there Wednesday night.
I got to talk to someone too, not for long, but it made me
happy. Hummmmmmm. Well, I better go eat, and then get ready
for work. Yeah, work, j/k its not that bad. Take care all!