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2001-01-23 07:57:02 (UTC)

jumping in the name of life....

jumping in the name of life.. or liberty or ... what is
your malfunction? bounce and move and close your eyes with
me. i fall into a world of senses of mystic of mystery of
my ILLUSION or is it? or is anything something or
everything. ha i don't know right? but isn't that the whole
thing about a path. to find what it is i am here for. so
let's see as an old sould i've been getting somewhere at
least. boom boom bap and i glimpse into your mind for a
quick second and i know you for you are me and i am you. =)
no is that wrong but what is right and wrong to me? what is
it to you? do you know? come on... jingle jangle as i size
up the matter in front of me come on. give me life or
liberty or the pursuit of happiness but can you give me
that at all? nope i have to find that alone.. thank you
very much. i love you tOO! come on! come ON! COME on! rip
it up from every angle or is that third eye perception
really just a frontal view?