Manny Fresh

Manny Fresh's Life
2002-10-07 09:08:25 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
God Oh God!....Man I Just Got Home And Im Full Of Words
That I Just Dont Know Where To Begin. I Go Out Thinkin Its
Gonna Be All Fun And At First it Is But Sooner Or Later
Throuhout The Night I Begin To Realize It Isnt All That
Cause I begin To Miss That Special Someone In My Life!
Vivian!Ive Fallen For Her And Just Thinking Bout Her Just
Makes Me Gooo Sooo Crazy!I Ask Myself Whats Goin On?Im Like
Fallen, Fallen Over her To The Point Where Im goin Crazy
Over her And That I Dont Know What To Do! I Look Back And I
Doubt or Recall Ever Feeling Like This Before But Why, WHy
Now Why Vivian. I Miss Her And Thats For Sure. Is It Cause Of The
Way She Talks, Looks, Or Treats Me
That Makes Me Feel This Way? I Dont Know But Only She Can
Answer My Q's. The WHole Ride Back Was All Bout Her Running
In And Out My Mind. I Wanna Make It Last But Then Again Im
Afraid To Express My Feelins To Her To The Point That i
Just Might Scare Her Off Due To It Might Just Be To Early
To Feel This Way Or To Tell her This. CONTINUE TOMORROW