madness and death
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2001-07-31 22:41:14 (UTC)


by the pricking of my thumbs...

tori and moon fell through; spent the night with acid.
horribly stressful at first. ultimately made some headway on
the point of not communicating or knowing who each other are
anymore. she agreed and the discussion ended.

don't know why, but ended up having sex. wasn't anything
fantastic. similar to really good pizza left out overnight
and eaten for breakfast. yay. conversation afterwards was
much better. picked up where left off previous night.
suggestions made and debated. determined moving would be
good, would ameliorate many problems. new job was also
discussed. would be good, allow for more quality time.

all was for naught though. the lizard made good on her offer
of a massage. have not had a more erotic experience since
the first days with acid. would have loved to extend the
experience. difficult to have sex with someone when your
live-in lover is in the back room, though. still, unrealised
passion is a powerful and exquisite drug.

took the bike out at some point between sex and massage.
recently out of the shop. hadn't rode in some time. piece of
crap died on me. had to nurse it back into town. pathetic.
called the mechanic. said he'd fix it.

too many loose threads; acid, the lizard, the bike. bike
doesn't really count, more a snag than a loose thread.
still, problem of the lizard remains. it will be removed
with relocation; so it is ephemeral at best. ecstasy.

life was easier, lonlier before acid.

here i am, the melancholy dane.

fuck off.