Rusty Cage

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2002-10-07 06:39:37 (UTC)


Looking back now I see Jill and I should have just sat
down and planned to be single parents, but hindsight is
20/20 right? I never really fell back in love with her, and
probably never treated her as well as I did before we broke
up. WE got back together and things were going OK until my
21st birthday. Grant was two months old at this point and I
was playing a show with my band and she was there and
afterwards we were going to go "celebrate" lol. So I went
home and waited for her to take her friend home. After she
came home like five hours later, I was pretty pissed. I
found out much later that she went out and tried to have a
threesome with her friend but passed out before it
happened. Nice huh? I isially point to that as the say I
made my mind up the I definately wouldn't marry Jill. We
stayed together a couple more months before she cheated on
me AGAIN and kicked me out of our apartment. Then I dated
one more girl Sarah, but that just didn't work out even
though we are still friendly. So that just about brings
things up to speed I guess.