Love Is Pain
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2002-10-07 06:13:57 (UTC)

Things Are Worse

Oct. 6, 2002

I didn't think I would write in here EVER again. But I
can't take it anymore... I have to write something down or
type, whatever... So here it goes..

She's gone. They took her. April, they took April. Okay, I
think I should back up a little. April finally told the
cops what her mom's boyfriend did to her. At first we
thought, "THANK GOD! Everything will be okay." But we were

We spent 4 hours waiting and talking to the cops, about
what had happened to the both of us. It happened to April
more than me. But I still had to talk to the cops. After
they talked to us, they went to April's mom's house and
talked to the boyfriend.

He denied EVERYTHING! But thats not the worse part. The
worse part is, they believed him not us. April's mom thinks
we're lying. The cops thought we were lying in the
beginning but they talked to us more and believed us.

But they took april away. And they told us that we might
not win this case. Because we have no phyical evidance, they
call it a He said She said case. Just when you think things
cant get worse they do.

Why did this have to happen to her. We go through
enough pain and now this. All I can think about is how
april is all alone. And her own mother took her boyfriends
side instead of her.

Please pray for us.... for her...