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2002-10-07 05:42:02 (UTC)


Hi Ty !!
haha, this is my diary. I guess since I set it for
public I should say some things about me. My name is Ty
Bellach....pronounced BELL-ACK. TY isn't short for anything
for anyone who wonders. Physically I'm six feet tall and I
weigh about 195 lbs. I probably dont look like either
though lol. I am amazingly heavy for my size, I dont know
why. Anyway..... I have blonde hair and blue eyes.... the
typical CA guy I guess, I dont surf or anything though....
being from the Central Valley (Fresno area). I go to CSUF
full time, and I am an Economics major, Japanese and Music
Minor. So its going to take me like a dozen years to
graduate. I am 22 years old by the way. I work two jobs-
selling construction supplies and fianancial planning. Both
are extremely part time... about 30 hrs a week total. I
have a baby too, his name is Grant, and I really really
love him. He's my buddy. He looks EXACTlTY like me and I
got to pick his name..... YAY! I'm not married, but I was
with his mother for three years (18-21). And since I know
people will wonder, I have had only three girlriends and
dated only one more seriously. My first relationship, I was
with the girl two years, and it was a great relationship
but I was two years older and getting ready to go to
college and we went to different schools, so I guess we
just grew apart, then I had a girlfriend for about three
weeks, and then she cheated on me. That wasn't a big deal I
wasn't in love with her or anything lol. Then I graduated
and moved out and met Jill, Grants mother. Man this is
going to be a long entry! Jill was actually a pretty
amazing girl at first. About two weeks after we started
dating I contracted a mysterious illness, was in bed for
about 8 months and lost about 40 lbs (my lowest weight was
144 lbs). Jill stuck by my side through all that. I'm glad
she did too..... I was very depressed at that time. So
fastfoward two years and on July 4th, 2000 she cheated on
me. HAHA, ironic that it was Independance Day lol. We were
at a party together and I WALKED IN ON HER with this guy!
SUCKED!! We broke up and I was heartbroken, but didn't want
to get back together. So like two weeks later she called me
and told me she was pregnant.... WHOA !!!!! She asked me
what I wanted to do and I said get married (lol big

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