just me
2001-07-31 22:16:59 (UTC)

7/30/01 IMs

Justmer3102: do you have any objections to your character
being the bad guy?
ShaggMad: not at all
Justmer3102: ok, good. I'm not sure what he's gonna do but
it'll probablyy be something really horrible
Justmer3102: got any suggestions?
ShaggMad: hmm...
ShaggMad: he'll dress up like santa, and instead of
presesnts in the bag- he'll have dead children
ShaggMad: thats about as horrible a thing that i can come
up with
Justmer3102: yuck!
Justmer3102: that's wrong!
ShaggMad: dont shoot the messenger
Justmer3102: I was think more like rape or something like
ShaggMad: thats kinda close
Justmer3102: yeah dead children and rape go hand in hand
ShaggMad: sorta
Justmer3102: **shakes head**
ShaggMad: i'm thinking...
ShaggMad: maybe he kidnaps some white women, and plans to
rape all of them with all of the others watching... and
maybe he did 1, and then the good guy saves the rest
Justmer3102: hmm that could work
Justmer3102: I should probably tell you that it's a fan
ShaggMad: fan fic?
Justmer3102: yeah a fan fic, is a story that has a band or
group or member of a group in the story (as one of the main
characters) fan fic is short for Fan Fiction
ShaggMad: ahh i see
Justmer3102: yeah I'm deciding between Backstreet Boys and
ShaggMad: backstreet boys
ShaggMad: backstreet boys has an alcoholic, and they are
all bitches to eachother... so they are good for trouble
Justmer3102: no, I don't want the group to be trouble,
they have to be a pretty strong unit, 'cause at least one
of them is gonna save the girls
ShaggMad: oh ok.. nsync then
Justmer3102: I hate to ask you this but I think I remember
you saying that you're fans of theirs, can you give me any
info on them?
Justmer3102: I don't know much
ShaggMad: like what do you wanna know?
ShaggMad: cuz i really only pay attention to the music...
not a big gossip person, but i'll try
Justmer3102: well, like personality,
Justmer3102: what they like, etc

ShaggMad: they are all nice... justin is all spiritual, jc
is into relaxing and just chilling, joey is the women
lover, chris is the older one and really funny, and lance
is quiet but he's all about business
ShaggMad: and i think chris actually saved a kid from
drowing when they went white water rafting
Justmer3102: wow that's awesome!
Justmer3102: do any of them having girlfriends or wives or
ShaggMad: justin is dating britney... i think jc has a
girlfriend... joey has a baby girl, and i think he'll end
up marrying the mom, and chris just broke up like last year
with his girlfriend of like 2 years
Justmer3102: britney? (sorry if that's a dumb question but
I'm more into punk)
ShaggMad: britney spears
Justmer3102: oh
Justmer3102: guess I should have known that
ShaggMad: its all good
ShaggMad: but its pretty widley known
Justmer3102: well I don't watch much tv, well I like
animal planet and all I listen to in my car is punk rock
tapes I make
ShaggMad: i hear ya
Justmer3102: (that is when I had a car)
Justmer3102: do you have anymore interesting info?
ShaggMad: i dont think so
Justmer3102: alright I'm gonna head back to writing
ShaggMad: okaly dokaly

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