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2001-07-31 22:14:58 (UTC)

7/26/01 IM (it's all crap!)

Justmer3102: so are you pissed?
ShaggMad: not really i dont care all that much
Justmer3102: ok, good, are you still gonna work with the
Justmer3102: just wondering
ShaggMad: yeah but not this weekend
Justmer3102: alright, that's cool. But from now on you can
work with Natalie on it. What did you think about her
new "lyrics"?
ShaggMad: they are good- did she do that because you asked
her to write more? or did she only give you a little tiny
bit at first/
Justmer3102: she gave me them bit by bit, she said she
never liked the way she ended it before, and she
got "inspiration" (if you will) when I asked her if I could
use them, she's been working on rewriting almost all of her
Justmer3102: This is why I was a little defensive when we
were talking about her before, 'cause she helped me out and
she doesn't even know me
ShaggMad: ahh
Justmer3102: Do you want me to tell her that you know or
do you want to do that?
ShaggMad: i really dont care
Justmer3102: ok, just make a decision 'cause I'm no good
at that
Justmer3102: :-)
ShaggMad: then no
Justmer3102: no what?
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: dont tell her
Justmer3102: not at all?
ShaggMad: well how is there any inbetween?
Justmer3102: I don't understand, why shouldn't she know?
Justmer3102: I mean they are her words and all
ShaggMad: then why would you ask me?
Justmer3102: I just what to know if you want me to tell
her or if you're going to do it
ShaggMad: i'm not gonna tell her
ShaggMad: i dont talk to her
Justmer3102: Not at all?
ShaggMad: no
Justmer3102: oh, well then. I guess I could stay being the
middle man (girl whatever).
ShaggMad: because when i do she is all like "i'm sorry for
bothering you" and then i tell her she isnt bothering me
and i have to say that every time
ShaggMad: and now its starting to bother me
Justmer3102: That's really funny
Justmer3102: so, what about when you get this song
finished? Like, what's gonna happen then?
ShaggMad: well maybe i wont finish it
Justmer3102: come on, that would suck! That's not fair to
her, after she's been so nice to do this all, we're just
gonna stop?
Justmer3102: So are you saying that you just don't like
talking ot her on here? Or talking to her at all
Justmer3102: ?
ShaggMad: well she doesnt make me feel uncomfortable in
person, so i talk to her then
ShaggMad: just not online
Justmer3102: oh, so how about this, we'll keep this up (me
relaying stuff) until school starts, then you can take over
Justmer3102: does that work?
ShaggMad: i dunno
ShaggMad: i feel weird now
Justmer3102: what do you mean?
ShaggMad: i dunno i just am not too cool with this anymore
Justmer3102: fuck, this is all my fault.
ShaggMad: you only gave me like 4 words... and i came up
with a tune for that- its no big deal
Justmer3102: Here how about this, I'll tell her that you
know, but work it out that I'll still relay the lyrics and
stuff, and then when school starts you two can get
Justmer3102: so that means that I have to tell her that
it's all over, after she was nice enough to let me "borrow"
her poems, damn fuck me
ShaggMad: or you could just forget about it completely...
and i dont have to sweat over coming up with a tune and
then i dont have to sweat telling natlie that i came up
with a tune for her poems
Justmer3102: I still have to sweat over trying to find out
how I'm gonna tell her that it's all over
ShaggMad: its all over?
ShaggMad: nothing happened
ShaggMad: what does she know?
Justmer3102: she knows that you've thought up a tune to
her poem, I thought she should know and asked her if she
wanted me to tell you to forget it, and she told me no and
that I could take credit for it if I wanted, which I did
but feel really bad about it. When I told her that you had
thought up a tune she asked if you needed anymore lines to
the poem 'cause she had been working on it.
Justmer3102: And she sent me the lines I sent you just
last night
Justmer3102: And ended the e-mail saying how exicting this
all is for her
ShaggMad: ahh just tell her that i didnt come up with a
very good tune, so not to expect anything very soon
Justmer3102: alright but this still sucks, tell me one
thing, if I had never told you that it was her poem would
you have continued working on it?
ShaggMad: probably... and its just because there is a slim
to none chance that i'll ever meet you in person- but i
have to go to school with natalie, and i have a class with
Justmer3102: what does that matter?
ShaggMad: cuz she's gonna be bugging me about it until i
finish it
Justmer3102: I would think that it's better that you'd see
her, that way you could both keep in better contact
ShaggMad: but i dont want to
Justmer3102: alright, fine, I'm sorry