just me
2001-07-31 22:13:54 (UTC)

7/26/01 e-mail to Mike

Ok first off if anything doesn't work just tell me, and you
can rearrange the order or whatever. It's all up to you.
You are the musical mastermind in this! Ok and lastly, and
most important, I need to tell you something, I didn't
write any of this poem. To tell you the truth when you
asked to read some of my poems I got really scared, 'cause
my poems aren't even good enough to write and I don't know
why I write them, but anyway Caroline was at my house on my
other computer talking to Natalie, and I told Caro that you
wanted to read my poems but I didn't want you to laugh at
me so she asked Natalie if I could "borrow" a couple of her
poems, she said sure and you know the rest. Natalie just
sent me these lines and I told her that I'd send them to
you, she's really excited about all this and doesn't even
mind that I'm taking credit for all this, as a matter of
fact she doesn't know that I'm telling you this at all. I
understand if you're upset, considering that I've been
lying to you about this. I am sorry. Anyway, it's up to you
if you want Natalie to know that you know. But at any rate
here are the lines that she sent me:

**What Will He Say**

Why can't he see how much I care
Sometimes I feel like I'm not even there
I could put my heart on the line
To see if we can combine
But the danger there is all very real
And if he says "no" how will I heal
There's much I can't say looking into his eyes
I worry he'll reject me, hurting my foolish pride
Each day my love grows stronger, how could I let him know
The meaning behind my smile, that I just can't let show
The greatest thing is to be loved and to love
Please send me a sign from somewhere above
The right time and the right place
To get the right look on his face
Of delight, not distain
Of joy and not of pain
One word could shatter my dream and hope
And if it does will I be able to cope
And deal with the heartache that one word can bring
Never again to feel my soul sing
At the joy of seeing that beautiful face
Never again to feel my heart race
And flutter like wings trapped inside
How much longer must I hide
My love that like birds wishes to soare
Never again to land on the shore
Of fear and of doubt
How long will it take him to find out
The true feelings I have within
When will I be allowed to win
But moments of pleasure could equal a lifetime of shame
Can anyone really win at that game
Will I even get the chance to play
Or will this love deep in my heart stay
Hidden in smiles, hidden in eyes
Will I ever win that prize?

Alright, again I'm sorry for not being honest with you from
the start.


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