my deranged lyfe
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2002-10-07 04:21:04 (UTC)

not such a great idea. but too bad.

hey. alrite this is a first for my online diary. so. ya.
anyway friday nite was cool. i went to the homecoming game
with my friends. we lost but thats alrite i dont really pay
much attention to the game. i saw this guy i know there. we
are friends but you know how it goes. he knows how i feel
about him. but lately i havent. and hes finally warming up
to me. but thats how it always is rite? anyway saturday was
homecoming/dance. it was alrite. nothing special. sunday was
great tho.i was at my moms house in fallbrook with my sis
and my friend from cbad. we were just hanging outside and
these guys drove by and invited us to a party. of course we
went. my ex was there. he goes to fhs and i go ta chs. we
broke up b/c wed never see eachother...and b/c i was
starting to get the feeling he liked me a little more than i
liked him. i let him down gently b/c well i guess i didnt
really wanna break up with him. but anyway i saw him there
and realized how much i missed him. lets just say we hooked
up by the end of the nite and even tho i was so busted for
staying past 11 it was totally worth it. im glad we got back
together and all but i dunno if its such a great thing. i
mean there was a reason we broke up. guess well just have to
see how it goes. im at my dads in cbad rite now and i miss
chad so much. he sed hed call me tomorrow. but. ya well ill
see. alrite its like 9:30 and ive got a shitload of

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