just me
2001-07-31 22:12:08 (UTC)


ShaggMad: did you not get my mail?
Justmer3102: no
Justmer3102: ok, now I got it
ShaggMad: ok
Justmer3102: my computer's crap too
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: but i'm on the good one now, so its all good
Justmer3102: so what's up?
ShaggMad: not much.. just went for a swim
ShaggMad: no run, just swim
ShaggMad: run is tomorrow
Justmer3102: swimming is better, I hate running
Justmer3102: hey I was thinking about something
ShaggMad: i like both
ShaggMad: what?
Justmer3102: You said that everyone in that Stopwhatever
cast was your best friend, right?
ShaggMad: no
Justmer3102: yes you did
Justmer3102: I can show it to you if you want
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: i never did
Justmer3102: hang on
ShaggMad: do you actually save all of your conversations?
Justmer3102: yup
Justmer3102: I know I'm a dork
ShaggMad: why?
Justmer3102: just in case
Justmer3102: blackmail, whatever
ShaggMad: crazy
Justmer3102: you never know when they might come in handy
Justmer3102: :-D
Justmer3102: ShaggMad: i loved the cast cuz it was all my
bestfriends... except it was really small... there were
only like 15 of us. and insouth pacific we had 50

Justmer3102: see I told you!
ShaggMad: i never ever said "i loved the cast cuz they
were my bestfriends" i no i didn't
Justmer3102: yes you did
ShaggMad: not possible
Justmer3102: yes
ShaggMad: cuz i didnt like the cast because it was so
ShaggMad: what difference does it make?
Justmer3102: I DO NOT LIE
ShaggMad: well i know i never said that
Justmer3102: bullshit, you did.
ShaggMad: there's no way
Justmer3102: you're making me mad!
ShaggMad: i only liked like jeff, sara, aimee, bekah,
margaret, sam, and travis- thats not even half of the cast
Justmer3102: those are the only people you liked out of
the whole cast?!
ShaggMad: those are my best friends... i didnt NOT like
anybody but not everybody was my best friend
Justmer3102: well I'm just saying what you told me
ShaggMad: well what brings this up?
Justmer3102: well I was thinking about that, and I talked
to Caroline today, and we were talking about what you and
me were talking about last night, do you follow me so far
ShaggMad: thast kind of sad
Justmer3102: ?
Justmer3102: sad?
Justmer3102: what are you talking about
ShaggMad: where do you save all of these conversations?
Justmer3102: 'cause I'm a dork, I already told you that,
really I just save them for a week or so then delete them,
I saved ours just so we don't repeat coverstations,
considering I don't know you really
Justmer3102: you still there?
ShaggMad: yes
Justmer3102: so are you still following me?
ShaggMad: not at all
Justmer3102: does it creep you out to think that I save
ShaggMad: a little but its not a big deal
Justmer3102: I'm sorry I'll stop that now, actually I
think that one that I sent you was the last one I've saved
Justmer3102: but just think when your rich and famous I
can say I knew you
ShaggMad: i dont really care about it
ShaggMad: so you can do it if you want
Justmer3102: maybe I'll get on VHI before they were rock
stars or something cool like that
Justmer3102: well anyway, I was thinking about how you
said you liked everyone on the stopwhatever cast
ShaggMad: ok
Justmer3102: and then I was talking to Caroline (my friend
who goes to your school)
Justmer3102: and we were talking about our converstation
from last night
Justmer3102: yours and mine
Justmer3102: still with me?
ShaggMad: yes
ShaggMad: i dont see where you're going
ShaggMad: you've said all this before
Justmer3102: you will
Justmer3102: and she mentioned that natalie (I think
that's how you spell it) was in that cast

Justmer3102: and I was just thinking, if you talk , the
way you did last night, about your friends or people you
like, then what do you say about people you don't like
Justmer3102: ?
ShaggMad: i dont talk much about people
Justmer3102: I'm not trying to be mean, I was just
Justmer3102: shit, my mom's yelling for me, we're leaving
for the beach in about 10 minutes
ShaggMad: o..k..
Justmer3102: what?
ShaggMad: leaving for the beach at 1a.m.?
Justmer3102: yeah, that way we beat the traffic and get
the beach all to ourselves at around 6am when we get there
ShaggMad: nice
Justmer3102: it's wonderful, and I slept for most of the
day so I'm gonna be cool for driving
Justmer3102: well I'll try and write more to those "songs"
at the beach, hopefully inspriation will strike!
ShaggMad: alright
Justmer3102: well I'm outta here, I guess I'll talk to you
ShaggMad: alrighty buhbye
Justmer3102: don't miss me too much!
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: ok I guess you won't!