just me
2001-07-31 22:11:29 (UTC)


Justmer3102: hey you
ShaggMad: hey hey
Justmer3102: whad up
ShaggMad: nothing what are you doing?
Justmer3102: talking to this guy who's driving me nuts, he
doesn't make any sense
ShaggMad: weird
Justmer3102: answer me one thing
Justmer3102: would you ever apologize for being flirty?
ShaggMad: ask me one thing
ShaggMad: no
Justmer3102: yeah that's what he's doing
ShaggMad: thats gay
Justmer3102: hmmmm, yeah
ShaggMad: i guess
Justmer3102: anyway, what exciting things happened in
manassas today
ShaggMad: i got a jean jacket, pants, and a shirt
ShaggMad: and a new earring
Justmer3102: oooooooooooo
ShaggMad: but i think its too small
Justmer3102: ahhhhhhhh
Justmer3102: well that would suck
ShaggMad: yeah
Justmer3102: can you take it back if it is?
ShaggMad: i dunno- i got it from Spencers...
Justmer3102: oh
ShaggMad: so i'm not sure
Justmer3102: so have you been working on anything
interesting lately? **wink wink nudge nudge**
ShaggMad: would you happen to be talking about some music?
Justmer3102: oh maybe, just maybe
Justmer3102: O:-)
ShaggMad: well i have a little bit
Justmer3102: hmmmm interesting
ShaggMad: yep yep
Justmer3102: . . . . .
Justmer3102: :-*
Justmer3102: **taps foot**
ShaggMad: getting impatient?
Justmer3102: **looks at watch**
Justmer3102: maybe , maybe not
Justmer3102: :-)
ShaggMad: well howbout some more words huh?
Justmer3102: but I guess I'll just have to wait. me and my
mom are going to the beach from Monday to Thursday, so I'm
gonna try and write more then
Justmer3102: IT'S HARD!
ShaggMad: i understand
ShaggMad: i'm trying to write 1 more slow song and 2 more
fast songs
Justmer3102: I don't know what tune you have in mind so I
don't want to think up what I believe to be really cool
words and have it turn out that they don't work with the
tune, you know what I mean?
ShaggMad: you come up with really good words and i'll fit
a tune around it
Justmer3102: well I thought "to see if we two can
intertwine" was pretty good and what happened to that?!
Justmer3102: :-P
ShaggMad: yeah yeah yeah
Justmer3102: I'm just playing with you, I'm really honored
that you're doing all this in the first place
ShaggMad: not a problem
Justmer3102: yay :-)
Justmer3102: so how's your love life going? or lack
ShaggMad: pretty tame
Justmer3102: how come?
ShaggMad: just cuz there's nothing to do up here
Justmer3102: what do you mean? They things I'm thinking of
could happen anywhere,
Justmer3102: but that's 'cause I have a dirty mind
ShaggMad: dirty mind ehh?
Justmer3102: yup yup
ShaggMad: nice
Justmer3102: oh really?
ShaggMad: yep yep
Justmer3102: what about you?
ShaggMad: well i'm a guy- so a dirty mind comes with the
Justmer3102: you know what?
ShaggMad: what
Justmer3102: not a lot of guys realized that most girls
have "natural" dirty minds
Justmer3102: if you know what I mean
ShaggMad: yeah well girls dont really express it
Justmer3102: if you could read our thoughts!
ShaggMad: thats sweet... yeah girls arent like that at all
up here
Justmer3102: really? I guess you don't know Caroline then
Justmer3102: or some of her friends from what she tells me
ShaggMad: nope
Justmer3102: ah, your lose
ShaggMad: i know natalie and corey
ShaggMad: but we only know eachother from chorus
Justmer3102: oh, well from what she tells me, they both
have REALLY dirty minds
ShaggMad: yeah well natalie is a nice girl- but i could do
without knowing about her dirty mind
Justmer3102: why?
Justmer3102: is there something wrong with her or
Justmer3102: (I only know her from what Caroline tells me)
ShaggMad: i dont find her too attractive so hearing her
talk about that stuff... not too appealing to me
Justmer3102: is she that ugly?
Justmer3102: I've never seen her
ShaggMad: yes i hate saying that but yes
Justmer3102: damn
ShaggMad: i dont wanna sound mean but yeah
Justmer3102: well what about her personality
ShaggMad: she's nice
Justmer3102: oh yeah you're a guy, looks are all that
matters, sorry I forgot
Justmer3102: just a joke, lighten up
ShaggMad: ahhh
Justmer3102: ok you say she's that ugly, what's wrong with
her? Like is she fat? Has lots of pimples, etc. ?
Justmer3102: just wondering what turns you off
ShaggMad: ahh i dunnno.. i dont like tlaking about her cuz
she's relaly nice to me and i'm nice to her too- but she's
just really not my cup of tea
Justmer3102: come on, just tell me! please! **makes puppy
dog face**
Justmer3102: you know you can't resist that
ShaggMad: rrrrgg.
Justmer3102: **wimpers**
ShaggMad: well i guess its cuz she's pretty big.. really
big.. but its also cuz she's annoying- i mean everytime she
talks to me online she's like "sooo sorry for bothering
you" and she isnt- but when she acts like i htink i'm all
better than everybody- that bothers me
Justmer3102: maybe she's joking around

ShaggMad: no we've talked about it a lot
Justmer3102: that sounds like something I've said to you
Justmer3102: oh, well then i don't know
Justmer3102: hey I'm gonna have to get off here in a
little bit
ShaggMad: ahh ok
Justmer3102: my mom wants me in bed by 1am, 'cause I've
got church tomorrow
ShaggMad: ahh i see
Justmer3102: yeah,
Justmer3102: ok, let me get one thing straight, one of the
resaons you don't like her is because she's fat, right?
ShaggMad: and annoying.. thats big too
Justmer3102: yeah, but still a reason you don't like her
is because she's fat. that really gets to me. 'Cause I used
to be really big
Justmer3102: try and put yourself in her shoes
ShaggMad: well thats why i dont like talking about it
Justmer3102: yeah well I've gotta go, I wish we were
ending our convo on a different note but it's 1am and I
don't want to get into trouble. I'll talk to you on
Thursday when I get back
ShaggMad: k
Justmer3102: are you upset with me?
ShaggMad: nah
Justmer3102: alright, good shit then
ShaggMad: good shit
Justmer3102: nighty night, sweet dreams and all that
Justmer3102: yes good shit
ShaggMad: you too peace out
Justmer3102: later

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