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2002-10-07 03:55:22 (UTC)

I apologize

So my roommate is fussing at me b/c it has been at least a
week or so since I've updated my journal. You know I'm
busy when I can't update the journal. :-p
Fall break is coming up Wendesday afternoon. Blast! I
didn't call work today and find out what time I work.
That's right...what am I doing over my fall break? Working
at the good ole Eckerd. Tis ok though....I actually like
working and I love the people I work with. :-) So I'm
working Thursday and Friday. Saturday I'm journeying to WCU
with the parental units to hopefully watch a football game,
and halftime show when I don't feel as if I'm in the middle
of monsoon season. Luckily the game is at 2, so I won't be
getting back so late. I have a take-home mid-term for my
US Healthcare class that I need to turn in on the following
Monday. So-that needs to be worked on. I also need to go
shopping to get some winter clothes b/c I figure eventually
it's going to be cold, right? I think I'll be travelling
back to the Creek to dive right back into the books.
But, before I can take off for Salisbury, I have an anatomy
exam Tuesday and then a drug info mid-term on Wednesday.
Just a slight complication.