JP's world of wonder
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2002-10-07 03:45:58 (UTC)

JP is my name.

JP is my name. I am 16 years old from a small town in
Oregon. I live with my 39 year old sister and her husband.
My mother recently passed away and my dad lives about two
hours away from me. I will explain more about this later.

A big part of my life is the fact that I am gay. I knew I
was gay when I was 11. I came out to friends, some of those
friends betrayed my trust. But I have a group of very good
friends some of which I'll talk about in my diary. However,
since some of those friends will read this diary, the names
are going to be changed. Here's the list of my friends:

Hayley - Is real name.

I am a junior in high school and am an actor. I love to act
and be on stage. I'm also a singer and I dance. Not
profesionally or in a class or anything, but I do love to
dance. Singing and Acting are my first loves and I'm hoping
to go to college to further my carrer in both those fields.

Well, I'm hoping to write at least every other day if not
every day. Leave me a message if ya feel like it.

See ya all later-

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