just me
2001-07-31 22:09:22 (UTC)

7/21/01 IM

I know I haven't put anything in here in a long time, but
I'm sorry I've been saving some of me and Mike's IMs but
I've lost alot of them, so yeah, oh well! :-)

Justmer3102: so how was the jog? you're right you really
are a weirdo
ShaggMad: oh man it was great
ShaggMad: i'm so freakin' tired.... but then i went for a
swim, and it was so great
Justmer3102: why in the world would you ever run for fun?
swim, did that happen
Justmer3102: when I mean
ShaggMad: i ran at 11:30 and got back at like
12:00....then i swam
ShaggMad: i dont do it for fun, i did it to stay in shape
Justmer3102: ah there are much funner thing to do to stay
in shape if you get my drift
Justmer3102: ;-)
ShaggMad: ohh i get your drift baby
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: hey guess who's here
ShaggMad: who
Justmer3102: Caroline
ShaggMad: yo yo
Justmer3102: hey hey
Justmer3102: so what's going on in your world? I haven't
talked to you in a while

ShaggMad: like 2 days.. thats not bad
Justmer3102: yeah I know but it's giving me a twich
Justmer3102: ;-)
ShaggMad: aww how nice
Justmer3102: so really, what's happening up there
ShaggMad: well nothing much... i got some guys together to
do a little singing tonight. and we decided that we might
need to have a tryout cuz some of our friends just can't
sing well enough to be in the group
Justmer3102: aww, that's so cute
Justmer3102: do you think that will work?
ShaggMad: yeah we're gonna have to go to otherschools
though.. cuz we've pretty much weeded through all the
singers at our school
Justmer3102: it's an all boy thing right?
ShaggMad: word
Justmer3102: I've had enough of these boy bands and girl
groups , we need more mixed ones
ShaggMad: i understand... i kind of am too but i've wanted
this since NKOTB. we wouldnt be like bubblegum pop... we
would be rock/r&B/electronic pop. which is i guess what's
happening now with all of those kinds of groups
ShaggMad: i dunno- i just want it too much to stop
Justmer3102: that's cool. you're doing this shit all by
yourself, no fucking Lou Pearlman whoever, making of the
band crap
ShaggMad: tru
ShaggMad: but someone like him would be a lot of help once
i finish making some demo CD's
Justmer3102: yeah but not him, 'cause didn't NSTINK, I
mean NSYNC and the Backdoor Boys, um Backstreet Boys have
problems with him?
ShaggMad: they had money problems... but i dotn care about
money. as long as i have enough money to eat and get a
Justmer3102: and buy your new friend Mer a car
ShaggMad: oh sure
Justmer3102: good stuff, maybe a contract too, you know
you'll need an opening act
ShaggMad: oh of course.. maybe we'll let a 6th member in
the group
ShaggMad: a female
Justmer3102: good deal
Justmer3102: :-D
Justmer3102: you're just teasing me now
Justmer3102: :-X no talkey??
ShaggMad: talkey
Justmer3102: why you no talkey
ShaggMad: i talkey
Justmer3102: you NO talkey
Justmer3102: I wait long time and you no talkey
ShaggMad: dag my bad yo
Justmer3102: what is yo?
ShaggMad: yo like a homie g
Justmer3102: ok, so now you talkey?
ShaggMad: i talkie
ShaggMad: talkey
Justmer3102: ok, good.
Justmer3102: :-D
ShaggMad: what are you two doing?
Justmer3102: watching "Princess Bride"
ShaggMad: great movie
ShaggMad: "what about the ROUS's?"
Justmer3102: I don't believe they exist
Justmer3102: (so inside you really want to be a
girl, 'cause I noticed you took one of the Princess' lines,
ShaggMad: ....sure
ShaggMad: ....
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: just kidding
Justmer3102: chill out
ShaggMad: i'm chill
Justmer3102: good then I thought you were mad at me for a
ShaggMad: nah its all good
Justmer3102: sweet deal
Justmer3102: so what are YOU doing?
ShaggMad: watchin' tv
ShaggMad: you?
Justmer3102: ok, I already told you this but maybe you
have short term memory loss, watching "Princess Bride"
ShaggMad: oh yeah
ShaggMad: my bad
Justmer3102: I love the way you pay attention to me!
Justmer3102: :-)
Justmer3102: hey hang on for a sec ok?
Justmer3102: here talk to Caroline
ShaggMad: hanging
Justmer3102: hey hey
ShaggMad: yo yo
Justmer3102: whats up?
ShaggMad: chillin' like a villain... what have you two
been doing all day? cuz i know you havent been watching PB
all night
Justmer3102: we watched Saving Silerman and Shadow of a
Vampire and ate Pizza Hut pizza
ShaggMad: thats a lot of movies
ShaggMad: my friends came over, but we didnt really get
anything done
Justmer3102: what were u trying to get done?
ShaggMad: some singing
Justmer3102: cool cool
ShaggMad: word up
Justmer3102: :-)
Justmer3102: getting things done when friends are around
can get hard:-)
ShaggMad: yeah... especially my friends
ShaggMad: one of them has a personal quote that fits them
perfectly... "life is tough, but its much tougher when
you're stupid"
Justmer3102: why who are ur friends?
ShaggMad: david riemenshnider, seth lytton, andrew cady
Justmer3102: ah
Justmer3102: I know the first too
Justmer3102: two*
ShaggMad: andrew is a junio
ShaggMad: r
Justmer3102: The only thing I know about him is that he
was in some play that my two best friends were in
ShaggMad: what play?
ShaggMad: what friends?
Justmer3102: The last musical that op did, Corey White and
Natalie Foley
ShaggMad: south pacific?
Justmer3102: yeah sure, whatever you say. I don't know.
ShaggMad: ok then... well that was the last musical we did
Justmer3102: you wore that funny facial hair,
ShaggMad: yeah yeah yeah... it was good facial hair ok?
Justmer3102: sure, whatever
Justmer3102: you keep thinking that

ShaggMad: i will
Justmer3102: whatever blows your skirt up
ShaggMad: well i'm a pretty big slut- so basically
everything blows my skirt up
Justmer3102: really?
ShaggMad: yea big time
Justmer3102: oooooookkkkkkk
ShaggMad: not
Justmer3102: well, Mer's coming, I'll let you two chat
ShaggMad: ok then
Justmer3102: later babe
ShaggMad: buhbye
Justmer3102: hey big boy, what have you two been talking
about while I've been gone?
Justmer3102: bad stuff huh?
Justmer3102: I know Caroline
ShaggMad: me being a slut.. i guess
Justmer3102: jigga wha?
ShaggMad: she asked me what blew up my skirt... and i said
everything blew up my skirt cuz i'm a big ho
Justmer3102: well then
ShaggMad: yup
Justmer3102: didn't know you wore skirts, interesting
ShaggMad: you learn something new everyday huh
Justmer3102: true true
Justmer3102: so
ShaggMad: hold up... brb
Justmer3102: k
ShaggMad: back
Justmer3102: hey welcome
Justmer3102: where ya been all my life?
ShaggMad: manassas
Justmer3102: no really
ShaggMad: yeah
Justmer3102: so whatd up?
ShaggMad: just watchin' a little tv.......still
ShaggMad: you still watchin PB?
Justmer3102: naw, it's finished. and there's nothing on tv
at all
ShaggMad: for real
Justmer3102: what are you watching?
Justmer3102: (porno?)
ShaggMad: ....maybe....
Justmer3102: seriously
ShaggMad: no
Justmer3102: then what?
ShaggMad: some of those late night talk show things
ShaggMad: i'm looking at the porn online duh
Justmer3102: good stuff
Justmer3102: ah, that's right
Justmer3102: well, mikey I'm gonna let you go now
ShaggMad: well alright then
Justmer3102: sleep is calling
ShaggMad: word i hear ya
ShaggMad: me too
Justmer3102: I'll talk to ya later
ShaggMad: k bye bye
Justmer3102: yes you should go to sleep, you're always on
here too late
Justmer3102: bye

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