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2002-10-07 03:28:08 (UTC)

More Than You Know

Tell me everything about you
I’ll show you everything about me
I take everything you hate
Twist it up and make it something pretty

I wanna take you
And make you
Love me
I wanna see you
And feel you
Love me

If there is something on your mind
Something you’ve been dying for
Then maybe you should ask me
But don’t be surprised
If you get more than you bargained for

I wanna shake you
And break you
Until you
Love me
I wanna hold you
Control you
I told you
You can love me

If something is wrong then make it right
I can’t go on without you tonight
If you want to feel me
Then ask me
If you want me
Then you gotta let me know

I wanna believe in you
I need you to
Love me
I wanna show you
Control you
I know you
Can love me

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