Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-07-31 22:02:27 (UTC)


I'm feeling really sad at the moment...and sadness allways
makes me feel....weirdly creative...kinda so I wrote a


Scribble on the paper
Describing what I see
Everything around me
Everything so clean

The dust begins to settle
The webs are being spun
Everything around me
Everything is done

Sitting in my chair
Thinking what could be
Everything around me
Everything a dream

The spiders walking over things
Possessions which are mine
All the things I try t do
I fail every time

Now the spiders are all dead
My possessions are all gone
Now everything I do
Nothing can go wrong

Black Feathers

Black feathers
Dark night
Struggling for freedom
Fighting for my right
Black feathers around my neck
Brushing against my skin
Black feathers pulled tight
Ripping off the string
Black feathers choking me
Pulling way toot ight
Struggling for last breaths
Fighting for the night
As i'm choking slowly
I'm listening to my song
I don't know what I did
But I know that it was wrong
Now the night has finaly come
I am dead and gone
Black feathers around my neck
Pulling for too long

I must have atheritis in my knuckles by now

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