The Communist Corner
2002-10-07 03:21:20 (UTC)

Wasted another day


Today pretty much sucked. I wanted to hang out with my
boyfriend, so I told him to catch the city bus over to my
house... only problem was that city buses dont' run on
Sundays.. we all had to figure that one out the hard
way.. :-( it sucked. So, I didn't get to see him today.
And I probably won't be able to for a while. I'll probably
get grounded for a while... because of my grades. I have
an F in Science...who the hell can get more then a C in
that class?? I don't get it.. don't get it at all. My
birthday is almost here.. I'm so excited. I'm having my
birthday party at my friends house, because her parents
are going to be gone! Oh, that will be so much fun!