My life, one big sarcastic story
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2002-10-07 03:03:38 (UTC)

aww isnt he cute?!

hahahahhahah robbie aww what an adorable kid. well sure
you're thinking hes 5 but hes not. hes 14 1/2 lol he'll be
15 december 12. yay. ne wayz he is the brother of one of my
good friends, who is actually trying to set us up. alrite
so now its like eww are you gonna date ur friend's
brother..heck yea i am! my friend is the same age as my
sister, those 2 are friends, so they are 2 yrs older. so
its not really that weird. ne wayz thanx to my oh so very
lovable parents i have to go but i will be talk
about the 1.5 hr convo we had on the phone after the long
internet chat...ohhhh

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