Yes this is my kool diary!
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2002-10-07 01:47:44 (UTC)

i hate hallie's stupid girl friend

what the fuck??? is this bitches problem? hallie rweally
needs to stop pulling me in the middle of this shit and so
does her stupid girlfriend im so sick of it i can scarem
look at this shit!

agian im conieeater and denise (the bitch) is wrmfzzydyke

Connieeater [8:13 PM]: im happy you and hallie are not
fighting no more
WrmFzzyDyke [8:13 PM]: me too thanks
Connieeater [8:14 PM]: it is ok
Connieeater [8:14 PM]: i got mad at you but im not nomore
WrmFzzyDyke [8:14 PM]: fuck you getting mad at me ?
Connieeater [8:14 PM]: hallie told me you misunderstood
what i said
WrmFzzyDyke [8:15 PM]: i didnt misunderstand you lied to
me and i dont take that
Connieeater [8:16 PM]: i lied about what?
Connieeater [8:16 PM]: well you would have lied too i was
stuck in a hard spot
Connieeater [8:17 PM]: but then i felt bad and told you
the truth
WrmFzzyDyke [8:17 PM]: it doesnt matter you lied
Connieeater [8:18 PM]: so she lied to you too
Connieeater [8:18 PM]: so you should be mad at both of us
if you are going to mad at all
WrmFzzyDyke [8:18 PM]: i believe her over you, so shut
Connieeater [8:23 PM]: belive what you want to belive
like i give a shit
WrmFzzyDyke [8:26 PM]: and for the record she didnt lie to
me well she did but we got over that she told me she went
in june and you were going to go in august but didnt
Connieeater [8:27 PM]: fuck that i have been tested she
never has
Connieeater [8:27 PM]: but let her lie too you im sick of
me getting all yelled at
WrmFzzyDyke [8:28 PM]: no she saud the two of you were
going to go
WrmFzzyDyke [8:28 PM]: im not yelling
Connieeater [8:28 PM]: we never went
Connieeater [8:28 PM]: i went by my self
Connieeater [8:28 PM]: and i didnt have anything
Connieeater [8:28 PM]: i had cylimda once when i was 13
Connieeater [8:28 PM]: 14*
WrmFzzyDyke [8:28 PM]: just because the two of you didnt
go together doesnt mean she didnt go by herself
Connieeater [8:29 PM]: no b/c she told me sah has never
WrmFzzyDyke [8:29 PM]: what ever connie
WrmFzzyDyke [8:29 PM]: it doesnt matter anyway

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