The Story of Me
2001-07-31 21:00:53 (UTC)

Upcoming plans

On the 18th of August, I finally get some sort of escape
from here. I'm gonna go to Fredonia with Kristy to help her
move in and stay a few days. That should be good for me.
She's so excited to have me there, to show me around the
campus. Needless to say, she wants me to go to school with
her. I don't think it will happen. Maybe next year. I'll
see how I feel about the whole "school" thing. That's a
whole other topic, and this is a happy entry, so I'm not
gonna write about that.

Kristy is due to pick me up at 6:30 tonight too, so that
will be fun. It always is. Probably nothing big, just
hanging out at her house chatting with her family which is
always nice.

But other than that, no real plans. Taking it one day at a
time. Almost time for job hunting. A week or so. Hopefully
I can find something that I will enjoy, if not, then it's
back to photo for Christmas season. But I'm not going to
get into that, so i'm gonna head out. Dinner, then
Kristy's. I'll probably stay the night there, so I might
not be back later.....who knows?