December Blue

The December Chronicles
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2001-07-31 20:50:08 (UTC)

The Beginning

"Have a nice end of the world."

I wonder where to start. After all, it would be quite good
to write in my diary if something actually *happened* in my
life. But... oh well. Sånt är livet.

I haven't even decided whether to write in english or
swedish. Guess it'll be a bit of both. A form of Swenglish.

:: Eleven Backward, Inpost 11G
*points above* That's a chat community I work at. =) Lovely
place. Star Trek theme. (Although I like X-files better).
You get ranks and everything.. I'm a Lieutenant Commander
there. Mwahaha. A senior-ish peep!

:: DG
Another chat. Former chat network, now adays a chat
division. Also a jolly nice place. I'm a Lieutenant
Commander there as well.

:: Deck 39
Yes, yet another community... In Stargate/Star Trek theme.
And since I have a small obsession with Egyptian history
and all that, SG-1 suits me perfectly. I'm a Major in
there. =) (Senior again. *eg*)

Well.. I'll write more next time. *g* This is just the
introduction. =P

Miss December Blue