No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-07 00:23:01 (UTC)

What is punk?

What is Punk?

Punk isnt a style or a fad, its a state of being.
It's the decision to stop caring what others thing of you.
It's sitting on the floor late at night thinking of all the
things wrong with the world. It's thinking you can change
them, it's wanting to change them.
Punk is being in love with someone you cant have just
because you love them.
Punk is looking behond the norm and seeing what is truly
Punk is fitting in when you really dont fit in at all.
Punk is missing that one thing you had that made your life
Punk is letting go because you know everything cant be
Punk is jumping out a window just for the rush
Punk is running from the cops who arent really even chasing
Punk is being straight edge when everyone around you isnt
Punk is diving head first into something you know could get
you killed
Punk is not caring
Punk is knowing something is wrong
Punk is the belief that things can change
Punk is missing that fly ball in gym class and saying "fuck
you" to the kids that laugh
Punk is walking off the feild with the only ball in your
Punk is knowing you could kick his ass but not doing
anything about it
Punk is suddenly knowing your cooler than all the kids that
made fun of you in 4th grade
Punk is knowing your life wont end up with you working 9-5
in some mill
Punk is everything you are not
Punk is still skating when you have a concussion and a
broken nose
Punk is something that cant be copied, it comes from
inside. It's not the clothes, it's not the hair, it's not
even the sports that go along with it,
Punk is listening as a singer of a band screems out against
everything thats wrong with the world, or picks his broken
heart up off the floor or tries to tell that girl that shes
the one, thats punk.
I got that off some kids web site and I thought it was
pretty cool.