Scriblings Of A Crazy Person
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2002-10-06 23:16:16 (UTC)

Rules VS. Bites #1

Well, I've decided to add a new part to my diary, every
sunday (or at least on some sundays) I will be putting up
this weeks thing that Rules and this weeks thing that
Bites. This is purely the writers opinion and does not
constitute murder, mass bitings, or violent political

This week's Thing That Rules is: Earthworm Jim
Remember a little show about a demented little earthworm
who happened upon a super suit that was played on WB a
while ago, I'm sure some of you do. Wasn't that show
AWSOME?! Well, sometime yesterday I was at a nearby mall
with my mom and brother and my mom found an old gift
certificate to K.B. Toys (yes, they did pay me to put their
name in *is a sellout*) so I was like "Hey, let's go spend
it!". Me being 16 and all I didn't expect to find much of
interest, but having a $22 gift certificate is fun to have
for anywhere, INCLUDING THE BOWELS OF HELL! Or Old Navy as
most people call it. So me and my brother went in. I wonder
if I looked out of place with my spiked wristbands... nah.
Well anyway, as I was walking down the action figure line I
saw Earthworm Jim figures, I was like "Awsome! I remember
that show!" so I bought two of them (the normal Jim figure
and Evil The Cat). And recently I've been on a spree of
trying to find cool stuff on the show (websites and such).
And as I remember it was dang funny too. Which kinda brings
me to my next point, if anyone know's someplace I could
find full lengh episodes of the show for download off the
net or someplace where I could purchase the episodes on
either DVD or VHS please e-mail me at [email protected] And if
you help me out I'll even let you spam me, how about that?
Oh yeah, and the Earthworm Jim games were cool too (though
I've never played the 3rd one) if a little hard and
demented (but isn't that why we love it?). And that's this
weeks Thing That Rules.

This weeks Thing That Bites is: Metallica
I do NOT like metallica (see, I dislike them so much I
refuse to capitalize their name, so nyah) and the reason I
don't like them is simple, I think most of their songs
(with the exeption of Enter Sandman and their cover of
Stone Cold Crazy by Queen which I kinda like) totaly SUCK.
I find all of their songs go on WAY too long with next to
nothing interesting hapening. It's as if they're TRYING to
be dull. I suppose some people like that sort of thing, but
I need music that actualy ENTERTAINS me. Now don't get me
wrong, I have nothing against people who like Metallica,
one of my best friends is a mega fan of them, but I do find
their music to be totaly tedius and useless for my needs
(relaxing, taking over the world, etc.). And another thing
I want to make clear, I don't have anything against
Metallica for trying to shut down Napster and inevitably
causing them to start charging money for their survices,
for if I hadn't given up napster I might never have started
using Kazaa which I find to be a much better program.
Anyway, that's this weeks thing that sucks... please don't
send me mail bombs...

Well, that's all for this weeks Rules VS. Bites, if you
have any input, spam, or hate-mail, please send it to
[email protected] and I'll try to get back to you as soon as