Malu Lani

Dear Diary
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2002-10-06 23:10:38 (UTC)


Well Brad and I went to the Diamondbacks game, they lost
and Brad was crabby pants for a couple hours. But he's
passionate about his sports, and it's cute :) And get
this, he bought us tickets to see the Cavaliers and the
Suns play. So I get to see Carlos play!! Plus, we're 2
rows behind the Cavaliers bench!! Hopefully I get to talk
to him.....that would be so cool.

Sheesh, I guess he's a little too passionate hehe...he's
freaking out about this football pool thing. I mean
foreal, settle down, it's $10 that we paid. Granted we
have put like $30 into it total, it's the gamble you know??

Anyway, tonight is our first night of bowling league, I'm
excited. It should be fun, I'm not stressin to bad. Well,
not at all, I'm just gonna have some fun and umm, yeah.
Have fun :)

But yeah, I'm bored, ready to get going. But I should
probably shower and stuff. So yeah.