the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-07-31 19:04:11 (UTC)

DRAMA ..... : (



So yeah today has really sucked so far .. I mean I am
totally upset with the freakn drama that is going on in my
life .. Grrr and now I have 13 days till the first day for
school .. I am gonaa be a Junior .. and I am hella scared I
mean I have not read my books or done my projects .. grr! I
am so upset like the whole thing is Killn me .. I mean
those of u who know whats going on I am just gonna refer to
it as * the drama* I mean it .. I wish I could just be one
year older for real ! I would have it freakn made ! I would
not be in the predicament I am in now ! I don't see how one
year matters but I guess in some stupid football player way
it does to somepeople ! I mean come on don't be a retard !
But ne ways I can not really talk about it I am so upset I
get upset when ever I think about it ! So ne ways I need to
go and get some other stuff for school I just need
shirts .. so that is all I am gonna buy ! I am just like I
hate all men at this point in time ! I mean I have done
nothing really to deserve all this crap that I am going
through and I mean its like this .. I get to be happy and
as soon as I am its like everything crashes down right
before me ! I GIVE UP ! I dunno guys suck ! I DON"T WANNA
I miss my gurl Brooke .. she would make all this better I
would not be up at like 2 in the morning crying and sick ..
I miss everything about home right now ! I wanna move
back .. I miss my friends and everything .. I mean it ! U
see I spent my life in one place and I thought I would not
leave till college !Now I never talk to any of those people
anymore .. most of them have forgotten about me .. I mean I
would love to go and rub all the good stuff that has
happened to me in the faces of all the "preps" that would
not except me ! they never understood me ! I miss it all !
But I know I can not go home and if I do I will fall back
into everything that I did ! I know I would .. my friends
have scarrted to the wind basically .. I mean no one but me
knows where brooke is and like I have no Idea what happened
to everyone eles .. I mean Wee-Wee is a mom now .. I think
Brooke has had her Kid too ! I mean I know I would have
been there to if I was still up there ! But I know I can't
go back ! I know I can't!
I dunno I gotta go !~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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