mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-10-06 22:15:14 (UTC)


well, where do i begin ???, I am here at work , was just
chattin with my one annd only Lisa, and she is gettin me
very frustrated. She suffers from a very deep depression,
and at times (this being one of them)she is very hard to
deal with. I love her with all my heart, and I would never
ever want to see us apart, but how do I deal with her
depression?? She is upset that I am spending time with my
children here in Ct, on sunday's I leave early in the am
(around 8:15) and I dont get back home until after work
(about 12:15 am mon)It makes for a very long day for her
without me, and I am really the only person in her life
other than her 2 kids. I want to be there for her in every
way, and I am doing my best to do just that.
Lisa, I love you , please dont be upset with me....

I wish that I could find a job closer to home, and maybe
even one with normal hours, (i work fri-tues 3-11 pm) but
for now , this is my job and I have to deal with it ...

If there is anyone who knows how to make this situation any
better , please let me know.......