My Life
2001-07-31 18:47:06 (UTC)

A Brand New Week Begins!

Hey dear diary dude yea ne way....sup?
sup w me? Well, my week of hell is over. I have stoped
tourtering myself. I think things are going good
again...actually I know it is. I am forcing myself to remain
postive and happy..damn it sucks ass no jk. tehe. Ah yea so
I dunno I am just bored. sitting in class with nothing to
do. La de da de la.
I take my ged test on friday, and retake my tabes on
thursday...I am trying to get a high enough score so that I
can skip pre college and go straight to college in
september. I hope oh god i hope!
Wow...well I really have nothing to talk about. Nothing
at all. This is great. really really great. SO I guess that
I will let you go...I promise to get back to you and let you
know how my week goes...I am going to make sure that it goes
good. I have learned and thought about so much later...I
think I am going to start a new essasy. I don't really know
what to say about it now, the concepts and ideas have barely
begun to boil in my brain. I'll let you know when supper is
done. tehe. damn it. I am just too weriod. SO what. Fuck
normality. Later.