Reality Check
2001-07-31 18:36:33 (UTC)

Is there a respectable guy anywhere?

Okay, I like Josh and all, but he crossed the line. First
of all, I called him up at 10:41a.m. this morning to ask if
he could take Garry to go see Jill. Then he was like all
pissed off because I woke him up. At first I thought he was
playin around and not really mad. And then he said, "Do not
ever, i mean ever, call here this early again." And I know
his tone. He wasn't kidding. Nobody ever disrespects me,
especially over something that stupid. If he ever had any
right to raise his voice at me, it would be because I
physically or emotionally seriously hurt him. And even then
that's pushing it. And he couldn't take Garry. He was like,
"I don't feel like driving an hour just to drop him off and
have to pick him up again." First of all, it's only 35
minutes to get there. Second of all, that's fine that he
doesn't want to take him because it's his car and his life
and everything, but don't catch an attitude towards me.
Whether you're cranky or what. I asked a favor and he
could've told me why he didn't want to do it without having
an attitudes towards me. This is so not going to work out.
Not at all. And right now all I have on my mind except this
issue is Raleigh and what the hell I'm going to do about our
situation. I still can't get over Josh. One thing I do not
tolerate is when my boyfriend disrespects me. When anybody
disrespects me really, but especially my boyfriend.

I guess I'm old fashioned, but to me if a guy is going to
date a girl, he's going to believe that she deserves the
best and nothing else. And he should treat her like she
means the world to him. I don't know. There may not be a guy
out there who will treat me like that, and if so I guess
I'll be alone for the rest of my life. I date guys who I
think are worthy of my time. Who I know respect and like me
for who I am. Why waist your time on someone who doesn't
meet all your expectations. Anything then mad, passionate,
extraordinary love is a waist of my time. And anybody who
treats you less then you think you should be treated is a
waist of my time. Maybe I'm just picky. But why settle for
something less then what I want out of life? Live each day
to the fullest. Live your life like you want.

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