All in the Night
2001-07-31 18:35:35 (UTC)

Guys = Problems

I've come to a sad realization in life that all guys are
good for is creating problems. Last night i went out with
this guy, Chad. I met him back at Easter, but we really
never talked until recently when he came home from college
for the summer and we began to work together quite a bit.
He's the sweetest guy ever (not to mention that he's very
good looking), but my friend Amanda is absolutely in love
with the boy. I don't want to hurt Amanda at all because
she's such a good friend, but he has no interest in her
(and yes, he said that it's not just me thinking he doesn't
like her). He's done everything to let her knwo that he
has no interst, even told her that he had a girlfriend,
which she actually thinks is me!!!! I must admit though,
after last night i'd love to go on another date with him,
but i'm still scared to tell her b/c i don't want to lose a
friendship. She has no clue that we even went out and did
anything. I went to a concert with him a week ago and she
found out...i thought she was going to kill me! OK it's
not just chad either, there's another guy at work that i
like named Andre. The only thing is, he's half black and
my parents would enver allow it. I mean i don't think they
try to be racist, they just don't believe in mixing ANY
races. Agh, i have no clue what to do! I mean i really do like
him...anyways..... Then there's Doug. He and i dated for a while and
went to prom together...he still likes me. He's probably been the
nicest guy i've ever dated (trust me i've had ass holes in the past)
but he can be so annoying sometimes!!!! It drives me up the wall
how he never gives me room to breathe!!! And there's a guy
I met at camp...Clay. He's gone to Minnesota for a month
and i miss him sooo much!!! I've known him for two years
but we never really talked until recently. He's the preppy
little private school boy that's all wild when he's away
from home. but i think i've written enough about my guy
troubles today. I could go on forever, b/c there's still
good old Roger left to wirte abtou and Zach....but it'll
have to wait......