Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-31 18:22:17 (UTC)

Juli & Adam

I talked to Juli last night- completely by mistake. She
got on Jason's computer after he fell asleep. When I got
home from work, I was happy to see him online, but when I
sent my sweet little "Hi Honey!" message- SURPRISE. She
jumped down my throat, but I stayed calm, and after a lot
of BS, she apologized for jumping to conclusions. I guess
she was nice enough, which makes me feel like a complete
bitch. I don't wanna be a boyfriend stealer.

Adam and I talked for quite a while a few nights ago, and
he assures me a million times over that he wishes that we
could be together. I think he stopped seeing the other
girl. In either case, I'm going down to see him Friday.
I'm kinda nervous about it, but I think once I figure out
exactly where I'm going, I'll be ok.

I spent a long time the other night talking to someone who
I didn't really know before. (His name is Adam too, but
I'll shorten his last name and call him Brad. Too many
Adam's already.) We were in Chemisty together my sophomore
year, and let's put it this way. I had the highest grade
in the class and he had the lowest. I never figured we'd
be having any form of serious conversation. Was I wrong!
He's actually a really great guy. At first, he'd just been
talking to hit on me and coming into the store every night,
but that night, he told me all about his girlfriend and why
he flirts with other girls and his whole life story. It
was neat. Sometimes people aren't what they appear to be,
and he was a big reminder of that fact!