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2001-01-23 05:19:23 (UTC)

The Wisdom, the Knowledge... so..

The Wisdom, the Knowledge... so it all comes down to this.
I guess I've been waiting. Waiting for this moment. To
know yet another peice of the puzzle. The painful
stupidity of it all.

All this wisdom we wished to gain, and for what purpose?
Just so we will understand there is no way of knowing why
we are here? Just to know we must wait forever, is that
it? I hate it. The simplest question unanswered by God.
Does he see it as a threat?

I ask of him, what is our purpose???

Yet I dare not know. Dare not find this answer I so
cautiously approach. If I know then there will be no more
of me, no more to find out. No more meaning to it, no
life. Only in death can I find the truth. Is that not
painful? It pricks at me from inside!

I tell you the meaning of life is to find the meaning of
life... but it is impossible to know. We must proceed to
fool ourselves. To say there is much to know, and much to
learn. That there is a meaning to everything and there are
other ways of knowing the meaning of life.

That's all optimism is. But stupidity is in the eyes of
the beholder.

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