Kat Eyes
2002-10-06 20:51:19 (UTC)

october 6, 2002 (cont.)

ok...anyways, what i was saying was that dad and i are
never spending any time together, the only time we spend
together is when he takes me to work on saturday morning
and when he can take me to school. well, we just came back
from venice. it wasn't that bad. i took pics, of course. it
was nice out today. but venice has changed so much since i
was last there with mom! theres a million concrete
buildings around.but it's still cool. and i found out that
dad is seeing someone. kathy! shes like a life version of
barbie, except she smokes. i can't stand her! i can't
believe dad would stoop that low. i mean, i know he wants
to be with someone now, but god...kathy? he can pull a
better prostitue off the street. ok, well hes out of the
shower and he wants to use the comp so i'm gonna wrap this
up. i'll prolly write l8r.