the ups and downs of my life
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2002-10-06 20:33:09 (UTC)

my weekend....danielle

hmmm... wel this weekend was suppose to be a fun
weekend...go see leather jackets, go shopping for my sis
on saturday and go to ash's on sunday. it got all screwed
up. i didnt do anything friday which was the plan
anyways. on saturday me and mom fought and i had to stay
in my room for 5 at least it got clean(my
room). mom told me that i dont get a car, leather jacket,
or go to australia. than we went to eat at wendys and
rented John Q with my dad. than this morning i called my
mom to se if she was going to get me later at ash's house
and so my mom called my aunt to see if they could make a
plan....i then found out ash had made plans to go to her
b/f to the mall. so that pissed me off. i try to make
plands with her all the time so now isay if she wants to
do something with me than she can make the plans. so we
went to walmart to but my sis her presents an dthan we
went to boscovs cuase my dad needed work pants and i
looked for jackets but i couldnt find the section :/ and
they were on sale 30-50 % off . so i might have found a
good one but i couldnt find where they were. o well
someother time

my book for wenglish huck finn is takeing so long to
read...each page takes me like 3 mins and there are 200

well i just asked danielle y ppl told me that she dont
liek me and yet she says hi to me on aol sometimes...she
was like uo i really dont like u and the reason that i say
hi is...1) somtimes shes bored 2) one time she needed
to know stuff about tracy and 3)she wants to be good
friends with me so she can be good friends with jess and
tracy. what the hell is up with that. i wouldnt talk to
someone i dont like and try to be thier freind b/c my
friends klike her. i havebnt talked to her in like a year
and she was like i try to beur close frined b/c they are
my close i havbe talked to her like 2 times
in the past year and it ws basically hi how r u bye ya
know......other ppl would prob be mad but i find it
humorous....... and if i wanted to get close to my friends
frieds i wouldnt go blabbing that i dint liek the one and
then tell her i only talk to her when im bored or need
something lol. i dont know maybe i have a sick sence of
humour but its so friggen funny to

well i guess thats all for now