Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-10-06 20:27:05 (UTC)

my desires, sated for a time...

she tastes of honey, warm

like cotton candy, sweet
and light

the soft curves wave in grace
sultry, yet smooth

candlelight flickers with
breath abated

burning, the lust within
lashes out

scoring my back with nails
of passion

i rise to the occasion
never failing

and so we move, and grind
and rock

the momentum shatters the
nights silence

we but look pale in the light
of the moon

casting out, viewing the clouds
with heaves

our breath and smells and tastes

small glances cast to and fro
we wonder

the day breaks, the covers thrown
dressed again

like summers fresh dew, the flowers
watered yet content

like ourselves, we share hands
and walk away

our paths to cross on some other

T.F. Coles