rundari's endless ranting
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2001-07-31 17:29:15 (UTC)

poki pokee

ehh im boooooored. im going to share with you what i do
when im bored and stupider than usual.
once upon a time there was a little girl named
rundari.rundari got very bored one day and decided to go to
school.the people at school were bad people and made fun of
rundari.this made rundari very sad.also very the
next day,she went back to school with her friends,the
hippos and the tigers.the hippos and the tigers ate
everyone who was mean to rundari and destroyed the wicked
building,making everyone very happy.the hippos and the
tigers lived happily ever after,crashing at rundari's
house. rundari went on many more adventures,but that is a
different story..(and if you want to hear them you'll have
to buy the novel)
wow.scary,eh? well,i'm in the middle of writing another
one for some reason,so till next time.

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