mango princess

Through my eyes....
2001-01-23 05:17:44 (UTC)

Well, I made it through my..

Well, I made it through my first day. I feel as if I never
left this place. It's so great to be back though,
everybody's great. I missed the girls more than I thought
than I did. The great thing about them is that I don't
have this pull towards them like Jeff or Tom. I don't need
to be with them all the time, and that's why we can just
have a good time. Ok so the point of me writing this whole
thing.....BOYS!! So today I saw Frank...wonderful. I
don't know if I really like him or if he was just something
to do but I feel weird around him now. He came over to our
table right when we all sat down and I said hi but then I
tried to ignore him because I didn't want him to think I
was interested or maybe because I was sort of insulted that
he never called me. I don't know how I feel about him. I
do know that I want to get to know him better but he
doesn't seem too interested in the whole girl scene that
much. I guess he's just a shy kid but I definitely cannot
read him that way. I'm just confused, and I"m definitely
making this bigger than it is, building it up to add some
drama, but the more I think about it and since I saw him, I
think maybe I do have a little crush. Ok, so enough about
him. I could talk this to death but....there's nothing
even going on yet...
I saw PJ today too. He's cute, like always. That's kind
of it to say about him. No I lied. If I don't ever talk
to him this semester then I definitely need to get over
this. Actually, there's nothing to get over. Just a
little candy for my eyes. This semester I just want to
break the PJ thing and want everybody to know that's he's
just a lust object, not a real thing. Basically he, along
with his "straight, fashionable, leather-jacket wearing"
friends, are just something harmless to talk about.
Alright, time for some sleep and dreams of Franko, heh.