No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-06 19:23:53 (UTC)

great night

I had a great weekend. It was awesome. Last night was great
lol. Jess stayed the night. hehe :D We went back to the lot
and relaxed. Then we heard a lot of screaming etc. It
stopped really suddenly so we stopped moving. Then we
decided to get out of there cuz it was getting dark. So we
went back to my house and ate dinner. Then we walked around
Old Colony and Stonhenge. We left the house around 8:15 to
go walk. While going around Stonehenge we decided to lay
down on the sidewalk in this place that was surrounded with
plants to it was really private and just talk about
everything and relax. Then we realized it was 9:40 and
decided to start heading back to the house. Considering it
only takes like 20 mintues to walk around those streets,
we'd be gone quite a long time. Then we came back and
relaxed and sat online. Terry called and was all flippin
out becasue he claims someone from the house called and
hung up on him but no one did. He said he called back and
someone was acting like a chineese lady. The only time
anyone called was Fred and Jess picked up the phone cuz I
had to pee really bad. Anyways, Jess and I fell asleep on
the dinning room floor (long story to how that happened)
waiting for Terry and Trish. Needless to say they didn't
get here till 4:10AM. Crazy junk. Anyways, I think that's
about it.
Here's an interestng weekly horoscope:

A romantic thrill could be back in your life after a short
absence. This could set up a new chaotic shuffle, as you
were just beginning to get comfortable with a new game
plan. Expect those closest to you to behave like children
instead of offering help.
Well I'm gunna jet.
"Alcohol my permanent acessory, Alcohol a party time
necessity, Alcohol alternative to feeling like yourself, Oh
Alcohol I still drink to your health"

~Barenaked Ladies