Life Sux Then You Die
2001-07-31 17:21:59 (UTC)

Day: 23 (a diary entry to you a letter)

Ben...I am so sorry what has happened to you in the past
and present. I know I can't fix anything but I am at least
trying and caring enough to try...I will never use you and
then throw you away like the bastards of friends you had
before. People are different and I am not like that to my
friends. I won't hate you unless there is a reason. There
is no reason to hate you like they hate you. You are nice,
funny, sweet, and just a really good friend. I can't see
how any girl won't want you. You just need like a pinch of
confidence and they will sense that... I am sorry for what
happened to you...I can't stop it...but I can try. Thats
what friends do.

I wish that people would help need offline
friends more then anything. I had a few friends in 5th
grade but they weren't in my class...I got constantly
picked on and I grew sad...then an anger...I hated them
all...I grew to be a smartass with sarcastic phrases. I am
sarcastic a lot actually gets people to leave me
alone when I reply smartassically. They look at me weird
and then walk away. It doesnt work for everyone cuz not
everyone can be sarcastic...But..You need to try something
to get them to leave you alone. Just trying to
help...Well...I gotta go..I will talk to you when you come
online...Bye bye

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