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2001-07-31 17:06:34 (UTC)

Nothing Much To Report...


I was in court yesterday for the child support thing. A
didn't show up and neither did his lawyer. My lawyer talked
to his lawyer last Wed and she said she was looking forward
to meeting with him, HA!

The judge gave us everything asked for and it was continued
to Aug 20th. They are going to start taking money out of
dumb ass' check effective today. I would rather not say how
much they are taking out but it's reasonable.

I LOVE MY LAWYER! He walks into the room and controls
everything. He was making jokes with the judge and talking
to the other lawyers waiting on the side. I am in love with
his confidence. I wish he wasn't so in love with his wife.
lol I think it’s like when people fall in love with their
shrink. Personally, I love a man with an air of confidence,
bordering on cockiness. It implies that they will really
take charge in the bedroom.

We went to Santa’s Village/Racing Rapids Sunday…I laughed
at A LOT of people there! Why do fat people think they are
hiding under street clothes? When you’re wet those clothes
stick to every curve. Hey, I’m not exactly skinny. I am 5’8
and 175lbs (44DD, all natural!) and I can’t stand people
looking at me but when they do…my, my! Come on people!
Where your bathing suits at the water park! Your street
clothes clog the filters and make the water murky, EW.

She is still planning to move in with her lover. She is in
the process of moving out of her home. I haven’t heard from
Her in a couple weeks.
It pissed me off that she is doing this because she just
got done telling me what a big, scary thing it would be for
her to have someone in her home. She ‘could never live with
anyone’ and here she is moving in with this chick she’s
known less than a year and doesn’t know if she will even
want to be there from day to day! GAWD!

It’s supposedly hotter than hell outside today. Comet is
going to go another week without me if the weather doesn’t
break. We’ve had some really good rides so it’s ‘okay’.
Charlie is still hurting pretty good so E, the bible
thumping married man who is smitten with me is riding some
of the horses. He doesn’t ride very well and I am a little
hurt because no one asked me if I could ride or help out
around the place.
There is a doctor walking around the barn doing a study on
horse piss, wonderful! He was in my horse’s stall and I
almost had a heart attack. I let ‘em know I don’t want that
kook by Comet EVER. I hope they got the message.

Carlos was fired for talking to me. I hate that fucking
bitch, Maryanne. She can go to hell!

I think that’s it for now. I know it’s been a while since
you’ve seen me here. I’ve been keeping my feelings to
myself which isn’t healthy. If you see me doing it again,
dear reader, please let me know you care. ;)

And to my dear sweet 14 year old reader who IS reading, I
was once 14 and thought I understood the world. I had many
of the same feelings you do. I don’t profess to be all
knowing in any way. I’m just trying to say that age does
matter. However you look at it humans are ever evolving and
when you look back at your 14 year old life when you are
21, or even 16, you will see how much things change even
when they seem very much the same.

I have read many peoples diaries thus far and you all have
intricate thoughts on life. I applaud you!