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2001-07-31 16:28:03 (UTC)

Oh boy

~*Well my friends brother wants to go out with me.It was
ok till now hes talking to me on IMS and he keeps trying to
ask me out but i dont want to go out with him.I hate it
when ppl do that bc i feel so bad.Well i got rug burn on my
knees pretty hurts when i take a shower like really
bad.I found out the hard way lol.I hope i can run with knees r really tight and give up easily now but i
will toughen them up b4 i go to the hash run tonight.Ive
become friends with my old neighborhood friend.We were
enemies.But now were cool and she was even goinng to see if
me and my sis could spend the night last night but her mom
said no bc it was going to be me ,les,sar, and bobbi.But
tonight all of us r going to spend the night at sarahs..her
mom said that it would be fine with her.Im feeling pretty
good right now.I think im done with depression for now.Im
friends with everyone on my c/c team which is good.I jus
hope it stays that way.I got to sleep in this morning...yes!
It was great lol.I didnt have c/c bc of the hash run
tonight.IM going to go.