The diary of a hardcore psycho punker --
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2002-10-06 17:34:14 (UTC)

October 5th, Concert at Mountain View -- I GET TO SEE ZAC!

Man! Yesterday, I was so excited to see Zac at the concert
@ his school! I couldn't wait and I was dreaming of
different situations that could happen, maybe he'll ask me
to homecoming, maybe he'll kiss me, maybe he'll ask me out!
I got there and I don't know what gets into me. I'm never
myself around him or any of his friends! I get so nervous!
I hate it! I said hi to him when I got there and his
groupie (a ton of girls) was hanging around and Zac was the
only one I knew so I left and went into the auditorium. The
thing that sucked was that Zac didn't pay any attention to
me at all. It was like I didn't even exist. You know
there's no rule that says you can't come and talk to me!
I'm not intimidating or anything!

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